Another Sony ICF-9650W (Available)


I love these old Sonys, so I couldn’t resist making another. This model is in perfect shape with no peeling of the veneer, which is especially common in the corners, and the dial area is free from any scratches.

I’ve upgraded the components too, with a Raspberry Pi 2 and a class 10 micro SD card for much snappier performance, a HifiBerry DAC+ for improved audio, and the same great FaitalPro full range driver. You really need to hear it to believe that such high quality sound can come from such a small package!

Price: $279.99
Shipping: $29.99



Philco 38-12 (Work in Progress)


I’m really excited about this one, a classic Philco 38-12 tube radio shell from 1938! The case is in great condition, and needed very minimal restoration. It will have a nice gold grille cloth, and the radio dial window will be replaced with an LCD display. This will be a beautiful radio once its done!

Sony ICF-9650W (Sold)


A classic Sony transistor radio upgraded with modern technology. Raspberry Pi, HiFi DAC, and FaitalPro 60w driver. This radio has never sounded so good. With the Raspberry Pi, the options are unlimited. Spotify, AirPlay, and your own high-fidelity music collection all in the radio, and controlled from your phone, laptop, or iPad.